Dear members and guests, I have created a new, comprehensive Help and FAQ section to make your life easier. It contains basic help as well some tips & tricks: how to make your photos look nicer, how to get notified on website, how to socialize with others, etc.

  1. FAQ - Frequently asked questions
  2. Profile
  3. Photos
  4. Private chat
  5. ”Hot or not” and photo rating
  6. Search
  7. Messages
  8. Network (people)
  9. Events
  10. News
  11. Settings
  12. Miscellaneous

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

I’ve signed up and nothing happened, what is wrong?

After sign up an email with confirmation link is sent to you. You must click the activation link in the email to activate your profile. If you didn’t receive activation email, please follow resend activation email procedure.

What do I do if I don't receive a confirmation email after registering?

If you registered using a web based email account like Hotmail or Yahoo then please check your trash or junk folder for the confirmation email. Whitelisting or adding HEEBEHA@GMAIL.COM to address book often helps emails to get through.

If the problem continues then contact me stating your problem along with the following information: Your browser type and version (e.g. Internet Explorer v6.0), your operating system (e.g. Windows XP) and version and email account provider (e.g. Hotmail).

I've forgotten my password. What do I do?

It’s easy to restore access to your account, just follow password reset instructions.

How can I find mutual attractions?

Mutual attractions can be shown using OUR matchmaking system “My matches”. Alternatively you can look at “Fans” (people who added you to their Favorites) or “Visitors” of your profile, maybe there is someone special out there for you.

How can I chat with someone?

You can chat with other members using private chat feature

What are “Events”?

You or any other registered member can add parties, social and cultural events to the public calendar.

I‘ve read the whole “Help” section, still I can’t fix my problems.

If you can’t find solution to the problems related to our website and profile, you can contact me via contact form or via online help chat. Online help chat appears at bottom left as a bubble “Do you need help regarding your account”. Please state your account name, email and describe your problem. I will get back to you with earliest convenience.

Can I advertise on your site?

Yes, if you sell products or provide services that are legal you can apply for an ad space. Contact me via  via contact form and describe the product/service you want to advertise.

Can I link to your website from my website, Facebook or Twitter profile?

Yes, you are welcome to link our site,  you can find all info on ”Banners“ page.


First impressions count, and this applies for profiles really well. Empty profile with a waist-down photo is not going to impress anyone. So make your profile count!

How do I create a profile?

Visit registration page and fill-in  all required fields. Please be sincere and don’t lie, no one likes a liar. Add a nice photo of yourself, remember this photo will be shown as your main profile photo. Photo including your face is a huge plus. Signup consists of 3 easy and quick steps:

  1. sign up - create a profile
  2. click confirmation link you received in email from us
  3. log in using your chosen credentials

How do I sign in?

You need to click on the “Login” link at the top right of the main page. Then enter your email address and password and click the “Login” button.

What is my login?

Your login is the username or email you have chosen when you registered.

How do I edit my profile?

Log in and click on “Profile” and from drop-down menu choose “Edit my profile”. Don’t forget to add a short bio of yourself, it adds a nice touch to your profile and tells a lot about you. If you want to change other profile settings like “Appearance” or other click whichever section of your profile you want to change. Once you've made your changes click “Submit” at the bottom of the page.

Who can see my profile?

Your profile is public. It means anything you put into your profile, any photo you upload can be seen by other members or visitors.

How do I delete my profile?

If you really want to delete your profile, please send an email to HEEBEHA@GMAIL.COM with “REMOVE” in subject. Email must be sent from registration email elsewise the request will be ignored. I would appreciate if you mention also reason for your leave, which will help me to improve our website.


Photos is what most people first check on your profile, so let your star shine! Stolen, partial or non-personal photos are a real turn-off so try to avoid them.

How can I change my main profile photo?

During registration you have uploaded a photo that represents you on many places: profile listings, comments and messages. I advise to choose a nice photo of your self. If you are not satisfied with your current profile photo follow these steps:

  1.  log into your account
  2. click “Profile” from user menu bar and choose “Change profile photo” from drop-down menu.
  3. Select a new photo and click “Submit”

How can I improve thumbnails of my photos?

By default system resizes the thumbnail from center and crops it square. It means your face may be cut off, leaving very little to look at. You can easily to fix this with following steps:

  1. log into your account
  2. click “Profile” from user menu bar and choose “Change profile photo” from drop-down menu.
  3. choose “Edit thumbnail” from menu on page
  4. adjust the area you want to be shown in the thumbnail and click “Submit”
  5. you might need to refresh the profile page to see the new thumbnail.

You can change similarly change thumbnails of any photo you own, just open your “Pictures”,  click “Edit thumbnail” of the photo you want to change and repeat the above steps.

How can I add more photos to my profile?

In addition to your main profile photo, you can upload up to 50 photos to your photo gallery.  Log in and click “Pictures” on user menu bar and then click “Add picture”. Create a nice description, choose a photo and decide whether people can rate and comment on given photo. Once ready, click submit and photo will be added to your gallery.  After submitting you will see a small thumbnail that represents your photo. If you don’t like how it’s resized / cropped, you can edit the thumbnail of the picture(see above section for more details).

How large can my photos be and what types of files can I upload?

You can upload GIF, JPG and JPEG photo files. Minimum width x height is 100x100 pixels and size limit is 2MB per photo.

What kind of photos may not be published?

All of your photos and videos must comply with our Terms and Conditions . If not, the photo might be removed, eventually your whole account deleted / blocked without any notice. Remember, we dont allow pornographic or explicit other inappropriate content, incitement to violence or hate, or photos/videos of people under 18 on their own. You can be still sexy without being completely naked!

How can I delete a photo?

Log in, click “Pictures” and click “Delete picture”  of the photo you want to delete and confirm you want to remove the picture.

Private chat

Our site offers “Facebook” style one-on-one chat - private chat with a chosen member. All logged members  have small chat toolbar toolbar at the bottom right of your browser window. Get personal and find out what is the other person like!

How can I start chat?

There are two ways to initiate chat, for both you must be logged into your account.

  1. Open a profile of the member you want to chat with and click “Chat now!” under main profile photo.
  2. Alternatively you can chat with your existing friends if they are online. Click “Friends” on your bottom chat toolbar and your online friends will be listed there. Click on the name to start the chat.

How do I change the chat settings?

Click the wheel icon on the chat toolbar and you can change following settings:

  1. Your status: Online or Invisible
  2. Sound notifications: on or off

”Hot or not” and photo rating

This feature allows all the members of our site to rate each other. Who doesn’t want to stand out and get noticed?

Where can I vote?

Log in, click “Hot or not” or “Pictures” from main menu and click on stars. Rating is by stars: 1 star is “hardly interesting”, while giving 5 stars means “stunner”. Note: once you voted you can’t change your vote, it’s final.

Why is no one rating my photos?

There might be several reasons for that.Your profile or photos may have not been seen by others. To fix this, engage in community: chat  / message with other users, create articles or add events. In worse case your photo is simply not appealing to users. Very often it;s caused by thumbnail being cropped improperly. To fix this you can edit thumbnail of a photo in question.

How can I check how people rate my photos?

Log in, click “Pictures” from user menu bar and your rating appears right next to your photos.

One of the main reason why you are here is you want to find friends, love or lovers. Make sure you check profiles of other members, your love might be just a click away!

How do I search for people?

Search allows you to find people based on their gender, age, location and what they want to do. At the bottom of the search page you find additional fields:

  1. Online only - show only online users in results
  2. With pictures only - user must have pictures to show in results
  3. Display type - “gallery” (thumbnails) or “detailed” (shows more info about user: age, location, gender, etc)
  4. Save this search - by filling in this you can field you can save search so you can return to the same filtering in future

What is “Advanced search”?

Advanced search” lets you refine your search using specific criteria such as relationship status, sexuality, body type, etc/

What are ”My matches”?

My matches” is automatic matchmaking of members. Use this feature to find someone interesting with ease.

What are ”Saved searches”?

Saved searches” are search filters you previously defined. You can return to the same search criteria and run search again, maybe someone interesting joined since your last search!

What is “Reorder” and “Save it” for on “Search“ page?

  1. Reorder - helps you to change search result display according last visit and change listing (thumbnail/detailed).
  2. “Save it” - allows you to save current .search.


Our websites greatest strength is connecting people around the world. And the backbone of this is built by our communication features like messages. Make sure you are using them to their fullest capability!

How do I send someone a message?

First, find the person you want to contact either by browsing/searching the profiles or or from list of your friends. Open the profile and click the “Send message” link. This will open page where you can compose your message. Fill in subject, your message and click “Send”.

How do I know when I have a new message?

When you receive a new message, a notification email is sent to your email (depending on your notification settings). Besides that a small notification icon shows next to “Messages” on your main user menu bar.

How do I read my messages?

To read your messages click “Messages” on main user menu bar. Alternatively you can click link in email notification. Network - friends and favorites

Interaction is what we are is all about - meeting new people, having fun and expecting the unexpected. Your network consists of:

  1. Friends
  2. Favorites
  3. Fans
  4. Visitors
  5. Blocked

Network (people)

Build up your network of friends and favorites, maybe of them will become your best friend, love or a lover!

How can I add a friend?

First, find the person you want to add as a friend either by browsing or searching the profiles. Open the profile and click the “Add to friends” link. The member will receive your request and if he/she approves you will see each other in Friends section (left column on your profile page).

How can I build a list of my favorites?

It’s pretty much much same as above, only difference is you click “Add to favorites” link on the chosen profile. User will automatically  appear in your “Favorites” list.

Where can I see who added me as favorite?

Log in and click “Network”, then “Fans” and you will see list of users who added you as favorite.

How can I see who visited my profile?

Log in and click “Network”, then “Visitors” and you will see the list of last 10 members who visited your profile.

Someone is annoying me, what should I do?

There are two possibilities: report a member for inappropriate behaviour or block him/her.

To block a member, open the profile and click “Block member” at the bottom of the page. You will no longer receive messages or chat requests from this member.

How can I unblock a member?

If you decide to unblock someone you can do so by clicking “Network” and then click “Blocked”. To delete a user from blocked list click “Remove” next to chosen profile.

If I cannot find people, can I invite them to join? How?

Yes, of course. You can send invites by visiting “Invite friends” page. Fill in their names/emails,  add a personalized message and verification (antispam) number. Don’t forget, if you refer 10 friends who sign up, you will become a Premium Member!

How do I know when one of my contacts is online?

When a user is online the text “Online now!” will appear on their profile and their thumbnail.

A user is making me uncomfortable. What can I do?

Move the user to your “Blocked” folder and you will no longer receive any message notifications from that user. Also, you can report any abuse by clicking on the “Report abuse” link on the user’s profile.

How do I complain about a user or inappropriate / stolen photos?

Anyone who doesn’t comply with our Terms and Conditions will have his/her account blocked or deleted. Same applies for photo, or any other content uploaded.

At the bottom of each page / under each photo you can find a “Report” button, which allows you report a profile for one the following  reasons:

  1. Sexually explicit
  2. Mature content
  3. Terms of use violation
  4. Graphic violence
  5. Hate speech


One of the great features of our dating site are events. You or any other registered member can add events and they will be presented on profile page in “Event” tab and also on the  events calendar. The calendar gives you a great quick preview of what is happening and you can easily turn pages in calendar by clicking “Previous month” or “Next month”. Don’t forget to upload photos of upcoming events, but most importantly don’t forget share some nice photos from the events itself.

How do I add my party to events?

Log in, click “Your extras” and then click “Add an event”. Fill in name of the event, start time, end time, location, summary (short description of the event) and description. You can select how many guests can attend the event and allow/disallow comments on event.

How can I add a photo to my event?

A picture is worth a thousand words. A good picture may mean instead of 3 people you will have a crowded house! Open your “Events” and click on “0 pictures”. A page will load with a “Add picture” link (tab menu), click the link, choose a description and select photo to upload. If the photo is the main event picture, please select set it as primary by selecting “yes” from drop down menu and click submit. You can upload up to 10 photos to each event.

How can  join an event?

If you decide to join a selected event click “Join this event” and you will be added to list of party guests.

How can I communicate with other event guests?

You can use messages, however I recommend using “Comments” section which appears on event page. Using comments increases probability other users will see your message.


News section doesn’t bring you only the latest news, but also news from transgender society worldwide. Visit this section regularly to see what is happening.


It’s important to feel as comfortable using our website and “Settings” allows you to customize look and behaviour set up just how you like it. So you might want to tweak it a bit, and that's what I’ll explain in this section.

I've forgotten my password. What do I do?

Just click on the “Log in” on home page and choose “Forgot password”. You will be taken to a password reset page. Insert username or email and an email with password reset link will be sent to you. After clicking the link in email you will get another email with your new password.

How do I change my password?

To change your password, log in and click “Settings”. From drop down menu choose ”Account” Type in your new password, retype to confirm it, and click the “Submit” button. You will logged out and you can log in with your new password.

What are notifications?

By default we send you notifications on different events. There are 2 types of notifications:

  1. emails - emails sent to your email address containing info about various events related to you
  2. website notifications - these are messages, friend-requests, comments received, etc. You can can notice those in right column after you log in or in the user menu bar. New messages and notifications are indicated by a new icon.

How can I change my notifications?

You can switch notifications on/off by changing your account settings. Log in, click “Settings” from user menu bar and then choose “Notifications” from drop down menu. There you can change following notifications:

  1. Private messages
  2. Picture comments
  3. Guestbook entries
  4. Friend requests
  5. Limit notifications to one per day
  6. Enable newsletters

I have a new email address. How do I update this on my account?

Log in, click on “Settings” in user menu  bar and click “Account” page, update your email address click “Submit”. Note that changing your email address logs you out and you have to log in again.


Can I advertise with you?

Yes, if you sell products or provide services that are legal you can apply for an ad space. Contact me via  via contact form and describe the product/service you want to advertise.

Can I link your site from my website, Facebook or Twitter profile?

Yes, you are welcome to link our site,  you can find all info on ”Banners“ page.

Do you exchange links or banners with other websites?

Yes, but submission to link directory is not automatical, all links or banners will be reviewed before publishing on “Links” page. To submit links / for consideration please contact me via contact form.

Can I write articles for you?

Yes, by all means. You can pick any topic it doesn’t have to be necessarily related to transvestism or transsexuality. Fashion, shopping, alternative lifestyle, philosophy, psychology or just topics from everyday life - everything is welcome. The article has to be unique, you shouldn’t submit articles which are already published elsewhere. You will be always credited as the author.

How do I submit an article?

To submit an article for inclusion please contact me in advance to discuss the topic. If we agree the topic is suitable I will suggest form of publishing: as a new article or I will enable blog feature for your account.